Introducing Nancy Ford

About Me
I am running as an independent because I believe city council should be non-partisan. I own a green business on East Lake Street, situated halfway between Hiawatha and the Mississippi River. I was born in Minneapolis and lived here most of my life. I graduated from the University of Minnesota. I didn't own a car until I was 30 and was a year round bike commuter for close to twenty years. I currently live in Ericsson and have been here over fifteen years.

Listening to customers and employees and recognizing what they need is a key ingredient to having a successful business. I want to do the same for the residents of ward 12. Open lines of communication and transparency are the best way to build trust and work together to see this city thrive. The hours a small business owner works are long and I will work tirelessly for ward 12. 

Public Safety 
I believe we can reform our current police department. We can identify programs that work within our system and look at successful programs other communities have adopted. The size and diversity of our city's population demands that we work better and smarter with the resources we have. The type of calls 911 receives needs to be studied and a system to efficiently distribute those calls to someone other than police and fire needs to be created.

Between 2014-2019 over 90% of housing units built in Minneapolis were rental units. We need to build purchasable units so that residents can build generational wealth. Homeownership in Minneapolis has dropped to 47% compared to 65% nationwide. The 2040 plan specifically targets single family homes for demolition by developers. If we truly want to maintain the walkability of our city we need to assess the impact the 2040 plan has on our streetscapes and build architecture that is appropriate in size for the neighborhood.

Supporting small business
A vibrant neighborhood business district is the solid backbone to a healthy neighborhood. Small businesses are falling victim to high rents and space shortages. Requiring new development to be mixed-use has created poorly designed commercial spaces that sit vacant for years. This requirement needs to be revisited and changed. Vacant space benefits no one.

We live in a city with beautiful parks and lakes. Minnehaha Creek crosses the south half of the city and flows into the Mississippi River. We have an obligation to keep as much trash and litter out of our waterways as we can. We can do so much better than we are. Increase street cleaning frequency, more trash cans, anti-litter campaigns. Litter is something that affects all of us and it's something we can all do something about.