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Public Safety for All

Public Safety for All

Public Safety is clearly one of the most important issues facing all Minneapolis residents. I am against defunding the police and believe we can work together along with the Mayor and the Chief to reform our current police department. We need to restore safety to our streets again and build back a positive relationship with our police, starting with bringing beat cops back into our neighborhoods. I support using resources we currently have in place, such as Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) for civilian oversight of police and expanding on the COPE and Co-Responder programs to provide crisis intervention.  I support the Executive Mayor amendment and oppose both the Public Safety and Yes4Minneapolis proposals. And, I support Chief Arrondondo and value his 33 years of experience.

Housing – the key to building generational wealth

Between 2014-2019, more than 90 percent of the housing units built in Minneapolis were rental units. While rentals are important, we should be looking for ways to build purchasable housing units so all residents can build generational wealth. It is a discouraging fact that homeownership in Minneapolis has dropped to 47 percent, compared to 65 percent nationwide. That means more and more residents are missing out on the opportunity to own a home. The city’s 2040 plan specifically targets single-family homes for demolition by developers. If we truly want to maintain the walkability of our city, we need to assess the impact the 2040 plan has on our streetscapes and look to plan for housing and other buildings that are appropriate for the size of our neighborhoods.

Support for our small businesses for the vitality of neighborhoods

A vibrant neighborhood business district is the solid backbone to a healthy, thriving neighborhood. Small businesses provide close-by shopping and services so residents don’t have to travel long distances. Unfortunately, small businesses are falling victim to high rents and space shortages. Requiring new development to be mixed-use has created poorly designed commercial spaces that often sit vacant for years, which does nothing for a neighborhood and its vitality. This requirement needs to be revisited and changed. Vacant space benefits no one.

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